We get asked all the time “Isn’t Envision Chicago Family Empowerment Centers and isn’t the Family Empowerment Centers also Envision Chicago? The answer is “YES!” So how did this whole thing begin?

Scott and Natalie Manke started the Family Empowerment Centers (FEC) and its daughter organization “Donate Your Boat, SMLLC in 2008. In 2012, they began hosting teams for the C&MA.

The C&MA has always valued sending teams and emerging leaders to locations like the Family Empowerment Centers. The experiences of those teams and leaders led to the creation of the Envision program. Envision Chicago is just 1 of many national and international sites. One of the unique aspects of Envision Chicago is the strategic location of its base of operations- the Family Empowerment Centers. The team at Envision Chicago serve both with Envision and at the Family Empowerment Centers. They are intentional in fostering a life changing experience for you as you help usher in change to their community.

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